Lakeland's Comprehensive Plan

This plan institutes goals and objectives for Lakeland’s development. It is implemented by various ordinances and guidelines, including a zoning ordinance, subdivision regulations, and a capital improvements program. Its policies supersede other regulations.

The original Comprehensive Plan notebooks, pre-dating the 2006 and 2007 amendments, are available for sale at City Hall. The following files are amendments from the 2006 and 2007 updates.

They are for planning purposes only, and may be updated from time to time (please contact the Planning Department for current information).

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About the Lakeland Comprehensive Plan

The plan addresses a variety of new forms of development, lot sizes and products; maintains our unique and long-standing emphasis on natural resources protection; allows better neighborhoods and commercial centers; and encourages best development practices.

In late 2006, Farr and Associates, of Chicago, was chosen to lead a project to rewrite our Land Development Regulations and Design Guidelines to generally follow the Comprehensive Plan, which was revised on 2006. Farr Associates was chosen for this project, because of their expertise in architecture, urban design, sustainable development, planning and land development regulations. Their approach was a good fit for Lakeland’s long-standing emphasis on natural resources protection, quality neighborhoods, and the desire to improve future commercial centers.

In mid-March 2007, Farr and Associates kicked off the project in Lakeland, conducting various meetings, including a public meeting at City Hall, where citizens, landowners, developers and City representatives participated in exercises aimed at expressing opinions about land development, particularly emphasizing the location of development.

Another public meeting, held in early May 2007, focused on an image preference survey. Participants viewed and rated photographs illustrating layouts, buildings, etc., for different development types. The images included photographs from Lakeland, metro-Memphis and communities around the country. The survey results will be used to create regulations that will guide future development.

Many public meetings have been held beginning in March 2007, and continuing to date. We estimate that two to three hundred people have attended various meetings when we total attendance, as of August 2010, although the attendance was large at only a few meetings. This includes Advisory Committee meetings, public outreach meetings, MPC meetings, Board of Commissioners (BOC) Meetings, Joint Sessions of MPC and BOC, and meetings with other commissions. There have been in excess of 60 public meetings to date.

The coding process was perhaps 40% complete as of March 25, 2008, 75% complete as of early 2009, and is as much as more than 90% complete to date. There were document releases in 2007 for the Image Preference Survey, Administration, and Neighborhood Types, and in March 2008 for Land Use, Zoning Districts and Uses, and Building Types. In February 2009, drafts for nearly all of the remaining sections were released, adding sections for Stormwater, Conservation, Tree Management, Landscaping, Parking, and others. Another draft was placed online in September 2010. A future final draft can’t be expected to arrive sooner than Early 2011. Once the final draft is done, the City may choose to begin the process of adopting the regulations.

Contact the Planning Department for information about upcoming meetings.

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