Public Works Department

Most people wonder what the Lakeland Public Works Department (LPW) does for their community. If you are a Lakeland resident who wants to know more about the LPW, then you have come to the right place.

To start with, just what is it that makes up the Department of Public Works?

· Thirty-four vehicles and maintenance equipment, including two tractors, an excavator, skid steer, three mowers, asphalt roller, and many other pieces of equipment.
· Ten full time employees

With these resources we maintain, repair, and inspect:

· 170 lane miles of road
· 1335 sign poles
· 1776 signs
· 316 stormwater outlets
· 667 stormwater manholes
· 1226 sections of open stormwater ditch
· 2130 sections of stormwater pipe
· 489 stormwater culverts
· 1480 stormwater inlets
· 90 miles of curb and gutter
· City Hall facilities
· Public Works Facilities
· 9 early warning sirens

Community Services Department

The Community Services Department manages trash services for all Lakeland residents. All fees are billed through Memphis Light Gas and Water and will appear on your monthly utility bill.

To request new service, cancel service or have questions regarding service, call the Community Services Representative at 
901-867-5409 or email at

  1. Matt Brown

    Public Works Director


    Matthew began his career at the City of Lakeland in 2001 in the Public Works Department as a Maintenance Tech. After several years, he expanded to his career to the Engineering Department as a construction inspector and in 2013, advanced his role to Chief Construction Inspector. Matthew has worked closely with the Planning, Natural Resources, Public Works, Code Enforcement, and even ITS departments in his time with the City of Lakeland. Matthew accepted the full-time position of Public Works Director on August 18th, 2023. 

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