Lakeland Ethics and Anti-Fraud Program

City of Lakeland Policies Related to Ethics

The City of Lakeland is committed to operating in an ethical, open and transparent manner at all times, and follows policies that have been adopted by the Lakeland Board of Commissioners and implemented by the City Manager.

The City of Lakeland provides residents with municipal services while applying the utmost professional and ethical standards and practices used by private and public sector organizations.

The Lakeland Code of Ethics was adopted by ordinance in 2006, and has been incorporated into the Financial Policies and Procedures Manual initially approved in 2020. The City also follows its Anti-Fraud Policy established in 2013. 

Ethics, Fraud, and Other Risk Reporting

The City of Lakeland has established an independent reporting system available to residents, City staff, vendors and other interested parties that provides an anonymous and confidential means for reporting all issues related to ethics, suspected or actual fraud, waste, and abuse, or other feedback, concerns, or comments that you are willing to bring to the City’s attention.

The City of Lakeland is committed to the principles of good ethics and governance and recognizes that a third party-provided ethics hotline is an industry best practice. The hotline will support the goal of ensuring residents are provided the best value services, to reduce or eliminate the potential for fraud, waste, and abuse, and provide residents with the opportunity to provide the City with feedback and comments in a confidential manner.

Online reporting:  Ethical Advocate

Telephone reporting: Call 855-487-4839

The online and telephone reporting options are completely confidential if the person submitting a report chooses to remain anonymous.

Lakeland encourages residents to report any issues, concerns, or feedback through either the City’s anonymous reporting system or by emailing City Hall or calling them directly at 901-867-2717.