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Lakeland News

Posted on: June 14, 2019

Team Waste Recycling Info



Team Waste’s goal is to help make recycling more readily available in all areas of life. Recycling will not be something you just do at home or at work.

YOU CAN RECYCLE: Plastics (includes bottles, jars and jugs), Newspaper, Paper/Paper Products, Cardboard, Cartons, Mail, File Folders, Aluminum & Metal Cans and Foil. Items must be free of food and food residue.

YOU CANNOT RECYCLE: Plastic grocery/shopping bags, shredded paper (unless placed in paper bag), smashed cans, scrap metal, hazardous waste, diapers/bio-waste, Styrofoam/non-recyclable plastic, glass, frozen food containers.

Helpful Tips:

1. Make sure bottles, containers, cans are empty – no liquid or food residue.

2. Do not put recyclables in a plastic bag/garbage bag and then place them in recycling bin/container. They will get clogged in the assembly line at the MRF.

3. Aerosol cans are not recyclable.

4. The plastic wrap around a case of water bottles is not recyclable. The cardboard at the bottom is. Please do not throw the entire thing in a recycling bin.

5. Books with binding on the spine are not recyclable. Magazines, brochures and like items are recyclable.

SEE BELOW for updated recycling graphic (Pizza boxes OK as long as no food residue; also caps and lids are OK if clear of food residue).


Team Waste, who picks up recycling (and trash and yard waste) within Lakeland is only the hauler, said Mrs. Harrell. “Memphis Recycling is owned by Republic. They take all the recyclables and process them.”

Recyling graphic (Twitter)...
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