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Sanitation (Garbage) Rates
The City of Lakeland contracts with Team Waste for the collection and disposal
of municipal garbage waste, yard waste, and recyclables (

There is no need to separate household garbage from yard waste.
They are collected by the same truck at the same time.

Be sure the arrows on the carts are facing the street.
This is important because an automated truck empties the carts.

Rate  Service  Notes 
$24.70 (monthly) Sanitation, Residential This includes:
  • One 95 gallon garbage container
  • One 95 gallon yard waste container (can be used for trash overflow)
  • One 96 gallon recycling container (for recycling only) 
No charge Extra Yard Waste, Residential In addition to the carts, Team Waste will pick up unlimited bags of leaves (35 lbs. and under). Limbs must be 4 ft & under, in bundled piles of 35 lbs. or less. Any limbs or branches placed in the cart must be cut to under 6 feet.

As of 2017, Lakeland is offering FREE* bulk waste pick-up.
*See for details.

Call for pricing Tree Limbs As of 2017, Lakeland is offering FREE* bulk waste pick-up.
*See for details. 


Additional Waste Container
Please call City Hall at 901-867-2717 to request the rental of an additional waste container. Containers can be rented for a specified period of time by the renter.

NOTE: As of 7/14, the yard debris bin can be used for overflow trash (meaning you probably will not need to rent another cart). The recycling trash bin can ONLY be used for recycling.


Bulk Waste Pickup

The City of Lakeland purchased a boom truck to provide bulk waste pickup for its residents.

Click here for all the details and to schedule this service.

Collection Schedule

For detailed information about the collection schedule, visit Collection Routes & Schedules.

Please note:
All contractor and builder waste must be removed by the contractor.

For more information, call City Hall at 901-867-5409.