Finance Department

The City of Lakeland Finance Department's goal is to provide support services to all aspects of the City's municipal government operations, and to provide open and transparent communication of financial matters in an easily understandable format to all citizens.  

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting is a key activity of the Finance Department. Financial reporting includes the coordination and responsibility for preparation of the annual operating budget of the City of Lakeland, monthly Treasurer's Reports throughout the fiscal year, and closing of the books annually in preparation for the annual external audit.  


Monitoring of financial activities is also a key aspect of the Finance Department. This includes ensuring that activities are recorded and reported in the appropriate line item details, monitoring cash balances and activities throughout the fiscal year (including monthly reconciliations for all financial accounts), and the proper allocation of activities between and among the City's operating funds.


One of the Finance Department's primary goals is responsiveness. Whether financial requests are made by other City departments, our elected officials, our business partners, or our citizens, the Finance Department exists to provide needed financial information about the City's activities in a timely manner.

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