Do-Not-Knock Ordinance

The Board of Commissioners approved a Do-Not-Knock ordinance in 2015 (similar to a Do-Not-Call list). Its aim is to protect the safety and privacy of residents.

Lakeland residents can sign-up to be on the list that solicitors must receive before they participate in door-to-door solicitations.

We collect your name and address but solicitors will only receive a list of addresses, without names attached.

If a solicitor applies for a solicitation permit, they will be given a copy of the Do-Not-Knock Registry list ( names).

This opt-out registry does not count in regards to political or charitable solicitors.

If there is solicitor in your neighborhood not adhering to the ordinance, you may call: 

  1. Sheriff’s Department/Non-Emergencies: 901-379-7625, or Sheriff’s Substation/Arlington 901-867-1402
  2. Lakeland Code Enforcement 901-867-5404


9-201 (a) The City of Lakeland shall create and maintain a "do-not-knock" list allowing any owner or occupier of any residence within Lakeland to prohibit commercial solicitation at his or her residence by registering his or her address with the City.


Please contact City Hall at 901-867-2717 for information on the permitting process for commercial, door-to-door solicitation.