Utility Rates

Waste Management Fees:


Sewer Rates: 

Residential City Sewer Rates

Usage (CCF)Rate
0 to 5$7.00 Per CCF
6 to 20$2.50 Per CCF
21 and Over$0.50 Per CCF

Commercial City Sewer Rates

Base Rate (Up to 30,000 Gallons)Rate after 30,000 Gallons
60.35 per month1.39 per 100 cubic feet (CCF)

Irrigation MeterIrrigation Meter Installation

Residents with irrigation systems have the option of installing a second water meter for irrigation which will not be charged a sewer fee.

Requests for irrigation meters are handled through MLGW Builders Services Center by calling 901-729-8630 option number 2.

Stormwater Fees:

Residential$3.20 a month - Fees are charged through the MLGW bill.
CommercialProportionally increased based upon an impervious area of the property.